Photo of instructor Giglia Harlamert doing exercises on a Pilates reformer Welcome to Precision Pilates Reformer Pilates. Mat Pilates. Precision Barre. Sign Up for a Class Today! Call or Email Us Today! Due to COVID-19, At-Home, Virtual Classes are available to help you build a strong Pilates foundation from the safety of your home.
$10 for Drop-In and $99 for one month of unlimited classes. We can't wait to be back together in person!
Photo of Precision Pilates group class with legs holding balls in the air - great core exercise

Group Classes

Here at Precision Pilates, Mat Pilates, Barre, Yoga, and 20/20/20 are some of our signature group classes. Using your own bodyweight, props, and the Pilates principles, our group classes target the muscles in your arms, thighs, glutes, and abs.  We combine cardio, Pilates, strength training, and yoga stretch for results-based workouts.

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Equipment Classes

Are you ready to fall in love with the Pilates Reformer? Group Reformer uses resistance springs to develop balanced muscles and long, lean lines in your body. As one of only 6-8 students per class, you will get personalized instruction that will help you progress at your own pace while enjoying the support of a group class.

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Private Training

Everyone should begin Pilates with private, one-on-one training. Private training will allow you and your body to learn the method and your trainer to give you direction. If you have any specific needs, private training can address them in a safe and supportive environment. See our Specialties page for more information.

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7 Years in a Row!

Learn More About Us and Our Team

I grunted through the first several classes but loved that I accomplished each class without giving up. A couple of days per week grew into a few days per week and maybe a weekend class. I was getting stronger by the day. In six months I had lost 50 lbs and changed my pants size from 14 to size 4! Nancy and Liz were so supportive and inspiring that I felt like I had a personal coach.


Love the studio, the people, and the amazing instruction! I felt core muscles this morning that I know have never been worked before! Thank you!


I am 70 years old and live an active lifestyle. Aside from Pilates training, I take spinning classes, ride my bike, fish, and play golf. I am involved in many projects for my work and often travel. I am seldom idle and like to be active. The one thing that has really slowed me down is my Plantar Fasciitis. I am pleased to say, without a doubt, Pilates Reformer has cured my Plantar Fasciitis. The exercises we do relieves the tension and tightness in my foot and calf, especially during ‘footwork’ and has helped my alignment.
I haven’t experienced any symptoms since I started over five years ago at Precision Pilates.  Pilates has improved my golf game tremendously. In addition to all the above, I feel great and always look forward to my Pilates workout. I do private training three times a week. I plan to continue to take Pilates Reformer for the rest of my life.


I can’t recommend Precision Pilates to enough people. Any friend I bring with me absolutely loves it! It’s so fun and such an amazing work out. Nancy and Liz are so inspiring and I love they way they teach. The best part are the mats that we clean with tea tree oil spray to sanitize after every class. It smells so clean and fresh when you are face down on them ?


Beautiful studio, great instruction, and inspiring teachers.


Pilates is fabulous and Liz is an excellent teacher. The flexibility gained from these routines is huge. All of the classes leave you feeling nourished, stronger, and healthier at the end of every hour. What I love is that no two workouts have ever been exactly the same. The classes are so well run that the time goes by very quickly and it’s great to give that time to myself. I would highly, highly recommend trying one of the classes; you will be hooked. For me, Pilates is certainly for life!


Nancy has not only used Pilates to train my body, she has educated me in the anatomy of movement. She truly empowers her students by explaining the functional significance of the movements. In all my years of physical therapy, her successful tactics are unmatched.


Precision Pilates is a Grate Place!! Excellent instructors, convenient classes, well maintained space and equipment.

I have weekly individual classes with Amy. Every class I come in “broken and stiff” from the week’s other activities. Amy customizes my routine to address what’s broken. At the end of class Amy has “fixed me”; everything’s working again. THANK YOU Amy!!


This Place & these Owners & teachers have changed my life. I have never liked working out and have always struggled with my weight. I finally found my happy place working out here. Not only do you get a KILLER workout you leave feeling Empowered. 8years Strong I think or more. ❤️Nancy & Liz❤️

Diane Marie

I joined last month and I’m hooked! The instructors are professional and talented. I truly feel they care about me and want me to feel comfortable. The studios are very clean and have a relaxing atmosphere. I highly recommend this studio.


I joined Precision Pilates nearly two years ago and have been a faithful client ever since. With your choice of their Danvers or Ipswich studio, there is always a BARRE, PILATES or YOGA class on the schedule to keep you motivated. I love that it is a studio that works for everyone with truly the very best instructors, great music and a relaxing, clean space to enjoy a fantastic workout. You won’t be disappointed!


I started going to Precision last year after moving to Ipswich. Both studios (Ipswich and Danvers) are amazing, and the owners, Nancy and Liz, have really created a welcoming feeling at both of them. I never feel awkward or out of place when I’m there because they are so friendly. The instructors are all amazing and really seem to want the best for their clients. The Pilates program is wonderful; they have both mat and equipment classes, and the teachers are all so knowledgeable. The barre classes are tough, but so much fun! It’s hard to find good studios on the North Shore, so this has been a life saver!


I’ve taken barre classes, as well as reformer and both have been AMAZING!  Barre is my go to and always pushes me harder than before.  I wake up the next morning sore all over and couldn’t be happier about it.  The instructors are great, I usually take Liz’s class and she is amazing….,extremely approachable for questions and someone who will really make your muscles shake.


Gorgeous studio with an amazing variety of classes.  The teachers and members here are extremely welcoming to all clients, new or advanced.  Precision Pilates is the leader on the North Shore for Pilates enthusiasts offering another location in Ipswich. Precision offers private and group classes on the mat and with equipment. The small group Reformer classes are a favorite, although the studio also offers Cadillac, Chair and other props and equipment. And, your first class is free!


I joined Precision Pilates about a month ago. I’m loving the Precision Ageless Fitness class with instructor Gary Martinello. This class has been designed for anyone who would like to improve their flexibility, balance, and coordination all while increasing muscle strength and endurance along with bone density. The class moves at a slow and controlled pace. Gary is a knowledgeable instructor who attends to the needs of each individual in the class. I’m looking forward to trying other classes at Precision Pilates.


👏Crossing the midline👏 We love it. It’s effective. It’s necessary.
Crossing the midline is important for your coordination but also for your 🧠! You won’t see a class @precision_pilates where we’re not taking one arm or leg over to the other side of the body. Don’t believe me? Just watch! 💪🏼

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Two new spots just opened up in some of our Ipswich reformer classes! Tuesday at 8AM & Thursday at 9AM
These will fill up! Sign up soon!

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When the cadillac workout kicks your butt 😆 ...

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🔥 We LOVE this combo move! It’s about strength, control and flexibility all working together to make this movement happen.
Spinal articulation, core strength lower body power and breath are all coordinating here. #Pilates is so much about coordinating your body in various controlled movements so that when you’re moving in the world you can coordinate movements you may not expect to happen. Ever catch yourself before slipping, tripping or just walking? #pilates helps you to do that with more ease and less thought. #pilates #control #footcontrol #abs #coordination #balance #breath #precisionpilates #ipswich #danvers

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🙌 Balance, coordination, and upper body all in one! One great exercise can fill so many needs. Great for neurological training (fall prevention) awesome chest and arm work, and you will be firing your middle #abs to stand up straight. We love the #tower to challenge our clients in many different ways. .
#pilatesforneurologicalconditions #pilatesforeverybody #pilates #ipswich #danvers #balance #corework @mariskabreland @megkoppeleduffy @nancyhiggins_pilates

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There is so much to say about this amazing woman we don’t even know where to begin. After dedicating her career to being a schoolteacher and touching thousands of lives in several grades for 30 years, Chris decided she would start a new career in Pilates upon retirement.
As one of our newer teachers, Chris was a huge surprise. She quickly and easily went through her education and mentoring. She devoured all educational material in the field of Pilates and movement. We would see her practicing at the studio all hours of the day and evening. Her dedication,hard work and amazing skills as a teacher has made her rise to the top. Her private clients adore her and her classes are always evolving, inspiring and definitely challenging. Chris is one of the favorites at Precision and if you want to work out with her send us a message or email us @precision_pilates. @helen_c_burke #pilates #reformerpilates #matpilates #personaltrainer #teacher #foteveryoung

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🙏☀️Have you met Amy? She’s one of our fabulous #barre instructors @precision_pilates ! Like so many, Amy started as a client and fell in love with #barre at Precision!
Amy has used her dance experience to her benefit while teaching barre. She believes exercising should be fun and that a great workout will boost your energy and your confidence. Once Amy discovered BARRE she was instantly hooked because it combines her love of dance WITH an amazing full body workout. Have you taken @amyvenice class yet? If not, she teaches Wednesday mornings and rotates in on Sundays as well!

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TEACHER FEATURE @gigibarretender!
Guess who’s turning 50 and fabulous today? If you want to smile and laugh through one of the hardest workouts we have, you need to take Giglia’s #precisionbarre class! her music is always fresh, her moves will get you exactly where you need to be in those glutes, thighs, arms and abs! She brings energy and positivity to everything she does @precision_pilates ! No wonder she’s a client favorite. She’s a true rock star. Come celebrate her birthday tonight virtually in her Barre & Core class at 5:30! Sign up #birthday #happybirthday #barre #pilates #core #core #rockandroll #50andfabulous

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🍂 The beginning of fall is an opportunity to let go of the old and build the new. The reason we chose to post these photos of @nancyhiggins_pilates is because when we opened @precision_pilates we wanted to create a space that supported and honored our clients wherever they were on their journeys in life. 🍂 For those of you who don’t know, when Nancy began her journey with pilates she had been struggling with her weight her entire adult life. Once she found her passion through Pilates, change happened naturally. We firmly believe you need to LOVE what you do. If you’re not loving your current routine, give Pilates @precision_pilates a chance to help you fall in love with movement
For those of you who want something more than Pilates, we will be starting our Fall Nutritional Reset! To join, email

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We are live and IN-PERSON tomorrow at 9AM! Only 6 lucky clients will be in our immaculate studio with the windows open for an AMAZING Precision Barre class! Glutes, thighs, arms and abs get ready to work! Sign up now! @precision_pilates @gigibarretender #precisionpilates #barre #pilates #getmotivated #autumn ...

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Teacher Feature! If you are looking for someone to help make a positive change in your life than you need to meet Lesley (@lmccarthy2945)Lesley is one of the best Pilates trainers on the North Shore! She’s knowledgeable, compassionate and intuitive. Every client she works with at @precision_pilates can’t say enough about how she has helped them meet their goals. Lesley works with a wide range of clients and has expertise in neurological conditions including #ms #parkinsonsdisease and #stroke. If you would like to work with Lesley contact us @precision_pilates! #pilates #personaltrainer #mat #workout #neurologicalconditions #strong #ppfam ...

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🍂Make the most of this gorgeous fall weather with @precision_pilates Outdoor Barre & Core!🍂

Join @nancyhiggins_pilates & @gigibarretender this Saturday at 8am for Cardio Barre at Ipswich River Walk behind #EBSCO! All levels welcome! We can’t wait to see you!

#socialdistancing #pilates #barre #fallvibes #precisionpilates #ipswichma #ipswichriverwalk #northshore

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