Virtual Studio FAQ

How do I register?
Use our online scheduler or our iPhone app to pre-register for any virtual classes. Then, please e-mail us to introduce yourself & review our login instructions under class descriptions. Space is limited to 12 participants. Absolutely no dance or Pilates experience is needed to enroll in any of our classes.

Do other participants see you during the workouts? 
You will see the instructor at all times, and other participants will see you. Our advice: being seen by your instructor & peers is the best way to get feedback on how to improve and (most importantly) encouragement. And let’s be honest… we’re all less likely to quit on that last set when everyone’s watching! Connect with the Precision staff & other clients in our private facebook group.
*Note: for your first two PrecisionVirtual classes, we REQUIRE you to be seen by all members of the class.

How much room do I need? 
Not very much. Just enough to lay down a yoga mat, and you should be far enough from your computer so we can see you to help you with your form.

What makes PrecisionVirtual different than youtube workouts or dvds?
We are LIVE. We can see you, motivate you & get to know you.  Studies support the fact that you work harder & stay motivated longer when working out in a group environment. Our method allows for that, even if you’re the only one in the room. There’s a true sense of accountability & community when you make a commitment to meet & work out with us. And not only is an experienced instructor pushing you, but also eleven other peers just like you to keep you going.

My house is really messy… will everyone see it? 
We see it all! Dogs, husbands, toddlers, screaming babies, piles of laundry & dishes… It doesn’t matter! As long as your yoga mat is clear, feel free to ignore the mess behind you & take some time for yourself.

What kind of computer & equipment do I need? 
A computer or ipad, a strong internet connection, speakers, microphone & webcam. Click on class description to to retrieve the class code visit online scheduler and click on the class description. Copy & paste the code.

I’m so excited for my first class! What do I need to do? 
After signing up, email us to introduce yourself

Help! I’m on the wait list for all my classes this week! 
Don’t worry!  We receive at least 2 cancellations per night allowing wait listed clients to get moved into the class. Check your email during the day since you will be notified up to fours hours before the start of class. If we see a class that has 5 clients on a wait list, we add an “overflow” which is usually held at the same time with another instructor. you will be notified of this via email.

How do I remove myself from the waitlist? 
1) Go to My Schedule
2) On the right side above where it says cancel it will say waitlist
3) Click on that link
4) This will show you what you are waitlisted for
5) On the right side of the screen it will say Cancel
6) If you click on that it should remove you from the waitlist for that class

If I sign up for a class & cannot attend, will I be charged?
Once you have a spot reserved in the class you may cancel your reservation online, up to 4 HOURS prior to the start time without penalty. all unused classes are returned to your account for future use. If you see late cancel as the only option to cancel out of class, then you are past the 4 hour timeline to cancel and will lose that class.

​**Failure to cancel a class or appointment within four hours, you will lose the class regardless if someone takes your spot. for those with unlimited packages, a $10 late cancel charge will be applied to your account regardless if someone takes your spot.

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