New Pilates Reformer Classes!

Reformer Cardio Jump & Core – Burn baby burn!

This low impact, high energy workout is perfect for clients looking to add more cardio in their life. This class will get you sweating within minutes using the method of high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Power Hour – Come play with us!

In this athletic workout, you will use the tower of power, EXO chair, barrels, bosu balls and other fun props. This challenging class keeps you on your toes with balance, coordination and deep core work. This is an athletic level class. Not recommended for knee, hip, back or shoulder injuries. Formerly Mixed Equipment

Reformer 20/20/20 – You CAN have it all.

Begin with a 20 minute challenging power tower and core workout using spring resistance to fire up all of your muscles. Up next – 20 minutes of a contemporary dynamic reformer flow that will get you shaking and sweating. To finish, experience a well deserved 20 minutes of deep stretching utilizing the equipment and yoga flow. Leave feeling like you’re on cloud nine! This is an all levels Precision Pilates original. *Music is used to enhance each section of the workout*

Breathe Pilates- The best of both worlds.

This class combines Pilates and yoga to get you deeper into both practices. Balance your body with yoga on the reformer and with the use of a foam roller to ease your aches and pains. Stretching helps with tired muscles, flexibility, anxiety, stress and improves sleep. “You are as young as your spine” J. Pilates

Reformer Foundations – Keep it real!

This class is perfect for all levels (both beginners and experienced clients alike). This workout will strengthen and lengthen your entire body. Use of the tower, reformer, and occasional other fun props will take place.A Precision favorite and one of our most popular classes! Formerly Basic or Essential

Reformer Flow & Sculpt – Take it up a notch!

Go through a continuous flow of movement in this Reformer workout.This class incorporates an intermediate level workout with contemporary variations of certain exercises. Instructors teach this class to the bodies in front of them so that no two classes will be exactly the same! Formerly Multi-Level or Intermediate

Reformer Advanced Flow – Master the moves!

Once you’ve mastered reformer and the tower, it’s time to take it to a new level! In this class you will be challenged both physically and mentally as there are many movements that require extreme coordination and balance. For safety purposes, instructor permission is required.

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